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Transform your car by tinting the windows

Over twenty years experince of tinting all types of vehicles from top of the range supercars, to executive Rolls Royces, small runarounds, vans, minibuses, coaches etc, all vehicles benefit from having the windows tinted.


Combat summer heat and glare, reduce UV damage to interior and occupants.


Add privacy to keep prying eyes from seeing your valuables.


Reduce glare from following headlights at night.


Make entry for 'smash and grab' thieves much more difficult, the film will remain intact even after the glass is smashed severely slowing down entry, most thieves know this and will move on to a car that doesn't have its windows protected.


Reduce flying glass entering the car in the event of an accident or window breakage.


Our results are always good when tinting cars and our standards are very high, we always use high quality film that is guaranteed against fading, bubbling, peeling. It has a very tough scratch resitant coating and will look as good as new for many many years. Another benefit to the top quality tint films we use is the optical clarity, which means you can see out of a tinted window (even dark tints) almost as if it were clear.


We can tint from very light subtle tint all the way down to full blackout and many many gradients in between.


We never use joins on rear windscreens and always tint in one piece (many companies put a join in the tint to combat the severity of the curve of the glass) and we always leave the edges of rear windows (dot matrix) looking neat and tidy.


On opening side windows we always tint below the bottom rubbers and all the way to the top of the glass and behind the rubbers to the side so it always looks as though the car came from the factory with tinted glass (rather than aftermarket).


We thoroughly clean the windows prior to tinting, we get them clinically clean to ensure no contamination exists between the tint and the glass.



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